How we travel

Just a few years ago all our journeys we planned in detail. We bought tickets, booked hotels and cars, spent a lot of time on the Internet, trying to figure out all the interest places that make sense to see.

But a year ago one thing happened. We decided to take a trip from Chicago to New York. We planned to see the famous bean, Detroit, Boston, Niagara Falls and a few more places. We bought tickets, booked a car and… That’s it. We were busy and were delaying our usual trip planning further and further. So, the day of our trip had come, and we had nothing. We knew we would crash our friends’ couch for a few days in Chicago and after we will spend ten days more till New York.

And what do you think? The freedom had come to us then. We were driving to Boston but ended up walking on the beach in Atlantic City. And it’s quite far from Boston! We booked hotels just in three-four hours before, we explored places without any plans. We even started the Instagram hashtag #tripwithoutanyplans.

We so liked this traveling that we have decided to scale it to the whole world. And right now we have a year, the desire to travel around the world, and the freedom. As we have two passports – American and Russian – so we don’t need visas for a lot of destinations. And we can change our plans on the fly. We are open for any ideas and offers. And it’s fantastic.

Another thing that I want to mention about our trip is the duration. I have never traveled more than three weeks in the row before. All my trips were like sprints – to see as much as I can and take a rest home. This trip is different. It’s more like a marathon. We don’t just travel, we live. So we need time for work, for rest, education. And here is a catch. It’s hard to distance from the feeling of a vacation trip. At least in the beginning. I am trying to see as much as I can, and I become tired pretty fast. So I am trying to manage these things and to find work/travel/life balance. And now I am OK with skipping something interesting. Sometimes I prefer just be “home” and read, work, post-process new photos, or even do nothing.

There is another cool thing about not making a detailed plan. It’s the exploration feeling. To come to a hotel, to walk around, to find a scooter and ride it in the dark to catch a sunrise somewhere in the mountains.

As I said before, we do not travel the world. We live the world. And it’s incredible!