Some Monday news

As you know, great things are best to start on Monday. We – me and my wife Ksenia – have decided do not ignore this wonderful tradition and start another life-changing milestone on this Monday too. What a milestone, you ask? Well…

We are going to travel around the world for a year, or so. It has been our dream since we moved to the US. Ksenia and I were talking a lot about getting an American passport, and how it, along with the Russian, will allow us to travel around the world without visas. Well, it’s time to move from words to actions.

Our trip will take place in countries where we do not need visas, or they are easy to get on the Internet. Our plans are to visit Sri Lanka, Indonesia and all Southeast Asia, Australia, New Zealand, Oceania and French Polynesia, South America, South Africa, Europe.

We have no definite plans; there is an idea, and a desire not just to travel the world but also to live the world – to feel the culture of other countries, to broaden our horizons, to take a lot of pictures and to describe our impressions.

We are open to any collaborations as photographers, bloggers, and influencers and we will be thrilled to meet new people and get acquainted.

I hope you already follow me on Instagram and Facebook, but just in case, I’ll remind you the accounts:

And there are also separate accounts for this trip and our further wanderings:

We will launch a website and a blog very soon. And, do not forget to visit this blog. I will post many interesting things and tips about photography, traveling and personal growth. You can even subscribe to all updates, and then you definitely will not miss anything!

See you!